10: Filing or Fighting for Child Support – Is It Worth It?

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Is filing for a Child Support Order the best decision for you and your children? 

Child Support is not a simple or straightforward area of the law. 

Often, there are unintended financial and emotional ramifications when the household turns from child-focused to money-focused.

In today’s episode, we will

  • Give insight into the child support laws 
  • Shine the light on a few myths 
  • Discuss the five main considerations that determine what you may receive or have to pay 

Join us on the podcast today so that you can start to figure out whether or not filing for child support is worth it for you.

Guidelines Child Support Calculator: https://gc.cse.ca.gov/ChildSupport/cse/guidelineCalculator

BONUS: We’ve assembled all the forms you need to file for child support, and will send them directly to your inbox. 

Need to file for child support, but not sure where to start?