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Decoding Divorce is the place where the law and the heart collide. We provide you with the tools you need to navigate the emotion of wanting to leave your marriage, choosing to leave your marriage, understanding your rights, obligations, and the legal divorce process. We help crush the chaos, giving you direction, courage, and confidence.


What people don’t realize is that the divorce process starts well before the filing of paperwork.

It creeps up on you and before you realize it, you have been stuck in an unhappy marriage, frozen by indecision and fear. 

You want to pursue divorce, but find yourself afraid of- 
The unknown
Being alone
Financial devastation
Not knowing where to begin


Whether you’re on the fence, or have made the decision to leave, you’re in the right place. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

We help you push through the indecision and take the action necessary to reclaim your life, push through the fear, and find happiness again- even through divorce.

Decoding Divorce acknowledges that the magnitude of this life event that can’t be handled in a legal vacuum. 

The ending of a relationship, the division of your finances, and the sharing of your children is one of the most significant and emotional events you will experience in life. There is a human component  to divorce that the courthouse, legal document assistants, lawyers and judges are simply not equipped to understand or navigate.

In addition to being an emotional roller coaster, divorce is also a business.

You are expected to show up in court or mediation as your best self, without fear, guilt, heartbreak or grief, and rationally manage the business of divorce. Any show of emotion to the contrary causes you to lose credibility with the judge, your attorney, or mediator. It is a ridiculous expectation, but one in ignorance. Simply hiring a legal professional does not help rid you of the pitfalls associated with raw emotion and divorce. 


This is why we created Decoding Divorce. 


Through every step of your divorce, we provide you with-

A legal track that gives you an affordable, reliable, and accurate understanding of the law and the legal process.

Actionable guides and the ability to start and complete your divorce independently and confidently.

An emotional track, that helps you push through the fear, confusion, guilt, heartbreak, and grief. 

The help and tools you need to break through your divorce and reclaim your confidence and find a new happy.

A combined track for those of you who understand, or come to understand, that you can’t separate your heart from the law when decoding divorce.

our team.

Zeppy Attashian


After over 15 years of experience practicing as a divorce attorney, Zeppy took note that being effective  in the court room was not enough for her clients. They needed more. They needed emotional support, practical tips, and understanding. She took action to Co-Found Decoding divorce with her sister to build this necessary support for women.

Tina Attashian


Tina has always believed she is here to live a life with a purpose to help others. Her passion is to empower women through education while supporting their emotional journey. She loves to see women grow and transition through their growth. Co-Founding Decoding Divorce has allowed her to do this for women by walking along side them through one of the biggest changes and challenges of life. 

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