40: How to Cope and Mend Your Broken Heart

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Attention ladies currently in the Broken Hearts Club…

At Decoding Divorce, we know how difficult it is to think clearly and make the best decisions for you and your future if you are stuck in an endless whirlwind of romanticizing and missing your soon-to-be-ex.

Some individuals have such a hard time letting go, it completely halts all of their divorce progress and keeps them from moving on to a bigger and better life.

In today’s episode, divorce coach and family law attorney Zeppy Attashian explains the science behind why you’re feeling heartbroken over the loss of your spouse, and three action steps that you can start taking today to push through your sadness and move on to your new happy. 

Implementing these steps will help to protect your peace of mind, put you in control, and give you back your future. 

Need a solid, patient support circle grounded in research-based practices for getting through the heartbreak? Book a call with one of our divorce coaches today! → www.decodingdivorce.com/contact